On a recent walk around Salisbury Plain I spotted these two Labrador with their human. Seeing them caught between adoring loyalty and the over whelming urge to RUN! when faced with a lot of open space to explore, I couldn't resist lifting up my camera.

Frogs & Toads

It was great to welcome Mark Amey back to the studio with some of his amphibious friends; including a Tree Frog, Bumblebee Toads, Fire-Bellied Toads, and Dart Frogs all shown here.

All of which are currently being printed up for the new portfolio ahead of this years go-sees.

It was a privilege to photograph such incredible creatures. 

New Identity Launch

I'm really pleased to be able to launch my new identity, created by the lovely team at Designhouse

It was great to workshop ideas with them and see how they took our mood boards forward to create a really fresh look for the business.

As well as freshening up the typeface (above), Designhouse worked up a brilliant monogram with a very handy axis dot. As you can see below it's given lots of inspiring ways to play with the imagery across my new business cards & mailers. Huge thanks to Lavinia, Peter, Richard & the Designhouse team.


The team and I are just back from a trip around the UK, Poland & Spain where we had a great time making lots of new dog friends. 

Whilst we wait for the final files, here are a few outtakes from our exploits. 


The global frog and toad population is in real danger with declines of unto 80% across breeds.
Habitat loss, pollution and climate change are playing a role as well as the virulent disease chytrid.

Many frogs are now being taken from the wild and placed into protection in zoos in order to maintain the species before disease claims them.

Zoologists like Mark Amey really are crucial to the survival of these incredible creatures. Here are a few from our recent shoot together. Below you'll see a Milky Frog, two Dart Frogs, a Tomato Frog, a Fire Bellied Toad and a Chubby Frog.


And relax . . .

Patiently waiting or just kicking back and relaxing, I've added some more cozy domestic images to my Animal Lifestyle section.