Paul O'Grady and family

Last year I had the absolute pleasure of working with Paul O'Grady and his beautiful animal family.

Paul's a great person to spend time with and such an inspiring advocate for animals, his collaboration with Burgess to produce a healthy food line for dogs is sure to be a winner. Many thanks to Lynn, Adele, Geoff and the team at Brand Nursery.

The endurance of Flamingoes

I'm very lucky that my line of work allows me some amazing travel experiences, as well as helping me justify personal shoots in far flung places.

One of the surprising things I have learnt along the way is just how adaptable flamingoes are.   I've encountered them in The Caribbean, on marshes in France, on The Galapagos Islands, 3000 meters above sea level on a salt lake in Chile, & now in Bristol! 

It amazes me the endurance in the species and the vast range of habitats they live in.

Koala there!

Every now and then I stumble across long forgotten images in my archive. These Koala shots are from a trip I took in early 2007.

I'd discounted them at the time, the light had been tricky and I wasn't getting what I wanted from them, but fast forward to 2018 and the technology we have on hand now can bring images back to life, pulling out detail I thought was lost. 

As an extra surprise, and not noticed until now, I've realised I had caught a special moment between a mother Koala and its joey. 


When my friends Mark & Emma Webb contacted me to chat about doing a shoot with their new puppy Monty of course I said yes. And when I met Monty if there was such a thing as a double yes, well he had my seal of approval. Such a sweet natured pup & rather handsome to boot.


I had a great day in the studio with these lovely British Silver Tabbies. A huge thanks to the AMV team and all the crew for making it such a fun shoot.

Aye Captain!

My latest Eukanuba dog food commission is now live. 

Myself and the team had a great 3 day shoot, with boats, bikes and country walks all making an appearance across the campaign.